Like you, I have seen many Facebook posts about “not going back to normal.” And I LOVE these! I love that this time as we are all sheltered-in we can really thinking about life, our purpose here, and what we want ours to look like. Though we have never experienced a time like this, I am afraid that just like any other break we experience that when it is over we will slip right back into what we are used to doing–hustling from place to place, hoping everyone will abide to our schedule and heaven forbid if they slow us down. Have you ever felt this way?

Our hope with this long break from normal, that when we return to “normal life” that we will have a new normal--a more patient normal.

Photo by Cassidy Rowell on Unsplash

We hope that our new normal includes more family time, more time spent visiting with our friends, more time worshiping, etc. We wish for a life that is not as busy. One filled with less time on our phones and more time in our yards throwing football. Less time working over-time, and more sitting around the dinner table. 


So, the question is: Can I Design My New Normal? 

My answer for you is, “YES!” 

Let’s do that together! As the teacher in me tries to take over my creativity often, I decided to share with you a chart that can help guide us as we design our “New Normal.” 

Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash


For the making of this chart, I wrote down areas of my life that I personally do not want to drift back to normal. And as I type this, I can think of many more. (There are also attributes like patience, giving, etc. that I do not want to go back to normal either.)

Knowing my life is different than yours, I have made a blank chart for you to fill out with the daily activities that are important to you. The best thing about this, YOU CAN CHANGE IT! If what you planned out is not working for you and you need to update it, just print another copy and make the needed changes. 




I think too often we think about all the changes we want to make in our life and our routines, but we just talk about them. We never write them down. We don’t give it a second thought. I am begging you, society. Let’s give this “new normal” a second thought, a third thought, a fourth thought, and everyday-of-the-week-thought. More than a second thought, let’s tell others about it. Let’s post it on our fridge. 

You can click here to download your copy of the Design My New Normal Chart

I want to hear from you! Comment below and let me know what you do not want to go back to “normal” when this COVID-19 virus and shelter-in time is over.

Can’t wait to here from you!