IMG_5366Easter is NEXT WEEK? The main reason we recognize this day is to rejoice in the fact that Jesus rose from the grave! He is NOT dead. He IS alive! And, because HE lives we can face tomorrow! Despite the main reason we should be rejoicing on this day, oftentimes people like to get each other “Easter Baskets” or an Easter gift. Perhaps you are looking to get yourself something this time of year to help encourage self-growth. Us teachers like to call this professional development. 

In efforts to remain Christ focused, I am going to provide some gift ideas that you or your brother or sister in Christ would love and would be encouraged from. 

  1. A new book–

    So many people say that they think they would like to become a reader, but they just don’t have time. I cannot think of a better time to become a reader than now! Here are some books that I recommend. 

  • The Bride of Christ ($9.99 on Amazon) WOMEN’S STUDY20200215-DSC_6258
    • This is a women’s study that I highly recommend. It has helped me better understand Christ’s love for his Church. In the book, Rachel explains her findings from her in-depth study of Jewish wedding traditions. 
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        • Photo by Savanna Rutherford. Savanna is an awesome Christian photographer based in North Alabama. She met us at TURBO coffee to take some photos of the book for advertisement purposes.
  • Personal Bible Study Handbook ($9.99 on Amazon) FOR MALE AND FEMALE
    page-01 (24)
    • This handbook is for anyone! The new Christian, the person who has been in the Word for 40 years. This book is a chapter-by-chapter fill-in-the-blank summary of the Bible. Bob has gone through the entire Bible and has created fill-in-the-blank statements for us to complete. This book becomes a tool to use in in your studying after it is completed.
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    • This is a 10 Question study that includes a devotional, space to copy on-topic scripture, a reflection section, and a prayer. Each question is designed to engage the reader to reflect on his or her relationship with God. page-01 (25)By the end of the 10-week study, the goal is for the reader to have strengthened their relationship with God by making the appropriate changes in their lives. Questions included are: Am I Content? Do My Thoughts Let God In? Are My Treasures in Heaven?
  • Becoming Better Grownups ($24.30 on Amazon FOR ALL THE GROWNUPS
    • This book was just released by Brad Montague. He is the creator of Kid President and so much more! He lives in Henderson, TN but travels all the time in efforts to create a kinder humanity. Amazon says: “Beautifully designed and featuring Montague’s own whimsical 4-color illustrations that appeal to the kid in all of us, Becoming Better Grownups shares the purpose and meaning we can all discover merely by listening, and reveals that–in a world that seems increasingly childish–the secret to joy is in fact to become more childlike.”
  1. A Bible–

    If you do not have a journaling Bible, this is something I highly recommend to my friends. Many people will draw pictures or use stickers in their journaling Bible, and that is great! I personally like to add notes to the side more so than pictures. There are many journaling Bible options out there, but I am going to link the one I have and the one my sister-in-laws have. You want one in your version of choice. You also want thick pages so you do not have to worry about your pen ink bleeding through. 

  • ESV Single Column ($33.99 on Amazon)–This is the journaling Bible that I have. I really love reading the English Standard Version Bible, because that is the version that we had to have starting in fifth grade at school. I have been quite used to its wording. And I feel like it is easy to understand. Besides the version of this Bible, I like the width of the columns and the text spacing. IMG_5360 (1)
  • ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition (Brown, Flap with Strap) ($87.00 on Amazon)–This Bible is a little more pricey, but that is because it is genuine leather. It is gorgeous; both my sister-in-law and brother have had this Bible for about four years and love it! Also, I know that their Bibles have been hiking with them and to many different places–and have held up nicely! 
  • ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Cloth Over Board, Antique Floral Design) ($53.20 on Amazon) –As promised, I linked my sister-in-laws’ Bibles. My other SIL has this hard cover Bible. I really like how the hardback lays as well as the thick pages on this one. She has also used this Bible for more than four years, and seems to really like it.

There are many journaling Bible options out there. I would say that Amazon has the best prices on the market for Bibles, but I love supporting local Christian book stores. For the timing of Easter 2020, you may have better luck printing out pictures of what you have ordered for the recipient. I know that due to Covid-19 Amazon shipping times have shifted in drastic ways. 

  1. Pens and Notebooks–

    In February I made a post about my favorite pens. And that still has not changed, though I have added some markers that I really like, too! Pens and notebooks encourage creativity and growth. I love getting to dive into a new notebook with my thoughts and what I am learning. 


  • Papermate Gel Pens | InkJoy Pens (14 Count $14.98 on Amazon)IMG_5368You can grab these on Amazon, or you can also find them at Walmart and Target for about the same price for a pack half that size.These are on HUGEsale! There are several different size packs, but this gives you a rate of one pen for a little more than $1. There is a 20 pack for $22 as well. 


  • Metalic Markers ($7.49 on Amazon)–I bought these markers for a ladies’ retreat craft. They work so well and are super inexpensive! 
    IMG_5364They cost $0.70 a marker and hold up very well! We used them to decorate plain craft paper journals. The colors showed up really well.


I hope that you found this list helpful and perhaps you can be inspired to purchase a gift for yourslef or your loved one that will ignite growth!

Until next time,