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After spending the majoirty of this week chasing internet access and writing, I received positive feedback on the devotional I had created. The past two days I have logged around 24 hours typing, editing, spacing, and repeat.

As I began expanding my writing with each question, I developed deeper reflection questions and tasks.

I added prayers to the end of each section in hopes to assist my readers to continue or begin to develop a more intentional prayer life.

With all of that said…

I am waiting on Amazon to approve my book, and then it will be ready for purchase!!

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I plan on hosting a private facebook group for the you who purchase the book within the first week of it being published. While you are waiting on your books to come in, I will be developing videos to go along with each chapter. I plan on walking with you week to week through each chapter. Perhaps when you complete the 10 Questions you will want to lead a Bible class yourselves going through the book.

My overall goal for this book is to guide others as they feel the urge to ask God, “How are we?”