suhyeon-choi-tTfDMaRq-FE-unsplashOh hello! So much has happened since I last wrote to you. Teaching is no longer my source of income, but it continues to be a passion. My husband and I decided to move from Alabama to Alaska in January and our fly out date to our new adventure happened in the beginning of March. From there it has been completely wild. I decieded to try my hand at vlogging our new life in Alaska. You can find those here. 

Between packing up my classroom, boxing up our home, and selling many, many things, I have not taken the time to write here, though that does not mean I have not been writing. I began marketing for a couple Christian Authors, and I have challenged myself to become an author oneday myself.

Over my Christmas break I felt this desire in my heart to explore my interest in writing and speaking. I began writing a devotional series that will make available to download April 6th! This is a series of questions I feel that should come up in a conversation with ourselves when we are assessing our relationship with God. 

More on that later this week!

Unitl then,