Am I the only teacher that has a hard time getting started in the morning? This year, I decided that my students really needed a morning check-in.  Perhaps it was to help us stay consistent each morning, or maybe it was just something to help me feel better about those awkward first 15 minutes of the day where I forget to turn in role, the morning announcements interrupt my instructions, I am trying to track down my freshly made copies, and not dribble my coffee down my chin. 

In Auguest I started with a list of 7 different options for them to choose from. Here is a sample current options are: 

What is the weather like today? Who is our ______________ (fill in the blank with people around school like “janitor”.) Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s. Identify a noun. And so on. They each choose one of the check-in options that they would like to do. Once they complete it, I write the option they chose by thier name on a chart. That way they do not repeat the same task each day. 

Since August, I have been adding a little bit to our morning routine at a time. In Decemebr began making a morning worksheet for each of my students. It includes 3 questions for them to answer for each day of the week. They keep the same sheet all week, and I can easily differentiate it for each student’s needs and likes.

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For quarter 3 coming up, I am going to add a grammar activity for our morning meeting–Sentence a Week.


Each week I will put a new sentence on the chart and each day we will answer the question provided. I predict that this repetitiveness will be extremely helpful for my students as they grow in knowledge of parts of speech and sentence structures.

Just to make it simple for me, I have gone ahead and made 32 weeks worth of sentences prepped. I also went ahead and labeled each sentence card with the quarter and week. It only requires 5 sheets of paper, and minimal prep–which is always a win!


I have added it to my TPT account so you can enjoy this product all year long as well!


Thanks for being here!

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