Hi! Just a teacher wife over here!


Throughout two of the 2.5 years of marriage, I have

been the sole income. My husband is rocking it in Occupational Therapy school, and so we have had to find creative ways to make extra cash to make money. Some ways we have chosen to make money, cost a little money. But I have found multiple ways to m

ake cash without spending much time or any money.

  1. Selling clothes
    1. Poshmark. Posh is an online platform that allows you to take and post pictures on an app in order to sell them. Poshmark does take a small percentage out of your sale, but the company calculates and the buyer covers the shipping. It is incredibly easy. You can even transfer the money you make directly to your bank account after the buyer approves the item. I suggest finding about 20 items you already own that you would be willing to post and sell. Once you make about 20 dollars, re-invest that into good brands you find at thrift stores.
    2. Facebook Group. Facebook allows you to create your own closed groups. These are private, so you can add people you know to them without having to deal with all of the general public. On this page, you can post pictures of your items, the price for the customer, plus your shipping charge. The down-side to facebook, is there is no guarentee that the buyer will pay timely. Plus you have to hold yourself accountable to ship on time. You also have to calculate your own shipping cost, and hope you don’t underprice yourself. A facebook group does allow you to create your own rules and you make 100% of sales.
    3. Platos Closet. Find a box. Fill it up with items that are less than 5 years old. Once it is full, take it to your nearest Platos closet. They have an online system that will “price out” the items you bring in. You won’t make as much on your items than you would on Poshmark or Facebook, but you get cash on the spot! It is also quick. Drop your items off, go grab lunch or shop around, and then see what your payout is! They love brands like: American Eagle, Old Navy, Target, Free People, etc. Workout clothes sell really well. Mens clothes as well. They also love Patagonia, North Face, Free People, Madewell, LuluLemon, etc. but you will not get as much for these items at Platos as you would selling on Poshmark or Facebook.
    4. Thred-Up– This is a great “last resort” for those clothing items you have tried to sell at all the above places. It’s really simple. you just order a shipping bag. It’s free. Once your bag comes in you fill it up with clothes. It needs to be womens, stain-free and hole free clohtes. They will not be able to purchase if the size tag is removed. Once your bag is full, you seal it up and take it to the post office. The shipping is paid for by Thred-Up (which is crazy to me!!). They then will take several weeks to go through the items and then they’ll send you credit for the website or a visa card ( aka cash!). I love this method of getting cash for clothing, because I do not have to feel that “rejection” from buyers when they don’t want my item. UPDATE: After recently checking ThredUp, it looks like they are accepting items as consignment only. This means you will not get an immeadiate payout, but it could take up to 60-90 days after your items have been processed. The great thing is, once you ship your items, you do not have to do any work.
  2. Selling computer-made products.
    1. Esty– You can create invitations that the consumer can download for a small cost. After you create one, you could sell that item over and over. This is a little “off” of the whole spending money thing with this one. You do have a 20 cent fee per post per month on Etsy. That’s nothing to even blink about, though.
    2. Teachers Pay Teachers-You do not have to be a teacher to create items for this website. You can create pdfs, fonts, etc. that could be used in a classroom and make money over and over again. For example, you could create a google slide presentation that included a cute layout of the Tennessee State Standards for 5th grade science. Give credit to all the graphics or fonts you used, and then post it for $1. It may have taken you one hour to create, but once you post it, you could make money on it for years. The higher quality items you create, the more you make.
  3. Teaching on VIP kid-I have never actually done this, but I have many friends who do. You have to spend just a small amount of money to set up your teaching area. That should be no more than $20.00 I think. You could earn $12-$22 per hour on VIP Kid teaching young students English as their second language. I also know you can recieve bonuses based on referrals and professsionalism. Now, unlike most of my other examples, you have to do this at a certain time of the day and you have to log hours. But, this is also a inexpensive way to earn money, and it is very flexible. Before you sign up for this, be sure you contact me or someone you know that could earn credit for refferring you!

I hope this list helps you make a little cash and jump starts your side hustle!

Here’s to paying off debt, building that savings account, and paying cash for cars!

Happy Thursday,

That Teacher Wife