How frustrating is it when children don’t listen to you? I tend to change my voice to one a little more irritated and frustrated when this happens in my classroom. You know you do it too.

Honestly though, it’s probably a good thing our children “don’t listen”.

If they paid attention they would probably learn a few too many things about their world’s adults.

They would probably learn that you should complain a lot. Something doesn’t go your way? Go ahead and complain.

If children really listened they would most likely decide they, too, were not good enough.

If children really paid attention to adults, they would learn that dreaming is for naive  people. Dreams won’t really come true.

Good thing children aren’t ever paying attention. If they were they would learn that it’s never their fault. There is always someone around they can blame. 

If children really listened, they would learn that pitching a fit is something you do when you don’t get your way.

They would learn that commitments are just something you pretend you’ll keep, money is pretty much everything, and that their are plenty of unhealthy outlets you can indulge in when you are tired, sad, or confused..usually because, remember, money is everything. 

If they were actually listening they would learn that ________________________. You fill in the blank.

Fortunately children are actually listening. Unfortunately, adults aren’t always a good example to eavesdrop on.

We want our students and children to be patient. Yet, are we?

We want our children to be content? Are we content?

We want them to share? Who do we share with?

We want children to learn? How are we growing?

We want them to believe in themselves? Are we goal setting?

We want them to be passionate? Do we talk about our passions?

We want them to be confident in who they are? But, are we?

We want our children to be kind and gentle? How softly do we speak? When do we encourage?

We want our children to communicate appropriately? Do we speak with class and dignity?

We want our children to be bold? What do I stand for?

We want our children to love others, make friends, apologize, wait their turn, chew with their mouth closed, say “yes ma’am” and “No ma’am”, and speak only when needed.

Children are learning from the only models they have access to…and that is US. Are we living up to the expectations you set for even children?

That Teacher Wife