This is actually in my parents side yard. We have gotten our money’s worth of these enos for sure. 

Hi fellow cheapskates, penny pinchers, or just married people keeping it real. This one is directed toward the married, but if you can definitely incorporate parts of these wholesome activities into your date nights if you are not married. Some of these we have personally done..others I feel like we would totally do but haven’t got there yet.

1. Go to a local park and hang in a hammock, play disc golf, etc. Tyler (my husband) and I started playing disc golf while we were dating in college. We thought it was a thrilling afternoon activity that was free and included exercise. Also we liked that we weren’t around a bunch of other people. We also hung in hammocks at least once a week to avoid homework and to sip a Sonic slush. Now as old married folk, we still enjoy throwing the discs around at our local park. (Ask Tyler who almost won last time.)

2. Go to the river and collect drift wood or shells. When we lived in Florence we were blessed to live 10 minutes away from the Tennessee River. We loved grabbing a Miami Ice (snow cone-ish type thing but made with crack or something super addicting) and sitting on the boulders watching the sun set. We would also collect shells, skip rocks, and find driftwood. Driftwood is so flippin’ cool.

3. Grab ice-cream and play corny games like M.A.S.H., TicTacToe, word searches, etc. Tyler and I love to race each other solving word searches or sudoku puzzles. Does that make us nerds? We are known to be a little competitive with one another.

4. Buy pizza, build a pallet, and binge watch Netflix shows. We live too close to Dominos and enjoy being kids. It does not have to look like a Pinterest picture to be a blast.

5. Fast-food and house hunting/window shopping. Growing up my family and I would take neighborhood walks and look at the houses and talk about simple improvements that could be made to the home (paint, porch, shutters, etc.)  or what we really loved about it. (Sorry friendly neighbors). We live in an apartment currently, but love looking at Zillow.com and dreaming about what a small starter home might be like one-day. Also you could do something like this at your favorite department store. We personally like walking around Target after eating an out-to-eat meal to work off the “yuck” feeling. You might find us on the toy aisle reminiscing on the good ole days or  planning for the future.

6. Set up camp. We have talked about doing this, but haven’t yet. But we want to set up our tent in our living room, fill it with string lights, and eat hotdogs (a Williams’ staple) and oven baked s’mores (not yet tried).

7. Spa Night. Dig out all the smelly lotions, oils, and tubs of water. Put on the cheesy music and dice up the cucumbers. Pretend like you have been a certified masseuse for years.

8. Thrift shop. My personal favorite. We do this thing where when we go in we will plan to find the wackiest item or ugliest t-shirt. Then we come show each other and decide who really won. It just helps us create weird conversations.

9. Yoga. Get your stretchy pants/calming music/fruit infused water and get to it. This little date night will make you belly laugh if you are unskilled like the two of us.

10. Painting portraits of each other. Do you think Tyler would actually comply?! I have so much paint and some canvases. Cast your votes!