“And here you are…sweeter than you admit, funnier than I admit, and six-foot-three.”

I had dreamed of this man, more than the day. I looked forward to, planned for, and stressed over that day. I loved it all. Absolutely all of it. I would relive it, if I could. But that day could have been in a court-house with a plain silver band from Walmart (which one of the jewelers tried to talk Tyler into.. I could’ve have hurt her for trying to put that idea into my money-saving fiance), and I would still be living a crazy, fun life with my six-foot-threeman.

Since I am not sure if I will ever get around to making a scrapbook, and since there is no way to explain all the fun that happened that day in a Facebook post or a few Insta pics, I’ll write a blog
(or 4) about it. (It being one of the many best days ever!)

First off you should know a little about the groom and I. We met at a church on August 11th, 2013. I had just graduated high school, and would be going to Freed-Hardeman to begin college in 9 days. He was a sophomore at that university, and our siblings had just gotten back from a mission trip to Ukraine. He was going to be at the mission report event, and my brother convinced me to come. *Will jumps on my bed like he did when he wanted to stay up and talk for a while.”I really want you to meet Hannah’s brother. He is nothing like her. I don’t mean that to say Hannah isn’t good, she is just a lot more talkative than him.” (I had met Hannah at the Airport a few days prior. Talkative indeed.) “He is actually volunteering at a camp for kids with special needs this summer, I think.”

And that heart of mine said, “Oh. Hi. Addie here. I’ve never heard of guys like you.”

The masterminds who set us up. They got married this past July (seven months after us)!

We talked after church, and that fall he became my first kiss, boyfriend, and the love of my life (in that order).  We dated for 2 1/2 years and were engaged on February 13th, 2016. I had about 10 months to plan a wedding (and a move), and here we are.

Here he is proposing outside my dorm at FHU. This is where we had our first kiss, where I asked him to ask me to be his girlfriend (true story), and where he got down on one knee.

Last fall we did the totally “unromantic” thing of going ring shopping. Yes, I got some looks when I had mentioned that we went looking at rings TOGETHER. How awful? The poor guy didn’t know where to start and neither did I. We spent one of the most romantic and fun-filled days going all over town looking and trying on different styles and we finally had picked out a ring and band. I had pictures of it on my finger, and I couldn’t wait to see it again. On February 13th, 2016 my sweet man finally got down on one knee (Yes I believe in good timing, but I had wanted this to happen since about 4 months into dating), I looked down, and to my surprise it wasn’t the ring we had searched all day for back in September. I had never seen this one before. (Y’all are thinking that I am such a materialist, unromantic, spoiled, “no way living in the moment”, skank right now I am sure). I look back at him and he says with tears in his eyes “It was my grandmothers.” And I sank. A month after we had been ring shopping, his aunt had given him her mother’s ring that she had been saving. WOW. I love the ring. A few weeks later we took his grandfather to Cracker Barrel for lunch. We talked about his wife and the joy he had when he picked that ring out for her. After I wore the ring for a few months, the back of the band was getting thin. One day I was moving furniture at the place I work, and it broke in half. My grandmother allowed me to use her original wedding band to fuse to the back of it. So now I have both my grandmother and his grandmother represented on my left hand each day. It is better than anything ring from any price range. I will treasure this history as long as I live.

I also feel this joy of knowing my grandfather, Fred, had picked this ring out for my Nana. He was diagnosed with cancer the weekend Tyler and I got married. He passed away in October. He was absolutely incredible. He belly laughed over so many things. (Hee He Hee). It was like his personal jingle. He yelled “Hello” really loudly when he walked into our home. He sat quietly when he was in places he didn’t want to be. He probably drilled over a thousand holes into jewelry pieces I have made. He was creative and smart. Good as they come. The Cadillac of grandfathers. The real McCoy. They say the first year is the hardest. I would say they are right. But I couldn’t have made it emotionally without the support of my sweet husband.

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

I knew from the first time I visited Tyler’s house and met his family that I would want his father Bob to preach our wedding. We immediately clicked, and there was no one else that I knew who would be funny, serious, and make me cry all in one sentence. It had to be him. I have adored getting to know Tyler’s family over the past 4 1/2 years; they have always treated even better than family should


I have never been able to meet Tyler’s paternal grandmother, but I have been blessed to be around his grandfather “Poppa”. He is also my brother’s grandfather (in law). (Family Holidays will be confusing for our children.)

Since the day of the wedding, I have probably gotten over 75 compliments about how fun and sweet our ceremony was. I have to give credit to Bob, Tyler, and our groomsman who decided last-minute to ditch their shoes in the back of the auditorium to wear hand selected socks that Tyler and I picked out on sale at JC Penny’s. It at least helped my nerves seeing them enjoy themselves. Find Happy Socks Here!

During the ceremony, Bob mentioned that he and his family always take the cup from the center ring during communion, because when Tyler was a senior in High School, his father had to move about four hours away for work while Tyler finished his senior year at Mobile Christian. They not only remember Christ and his sacrifice on Sundays, but they started to also remember the love they have for their family wherever they may be worshiping this morning. Though I had always felt like family, for 3 1/2 years I avoided from taking the communion from the center ring, because I knew how special it would be to practice that once we were married. During that moment of the ceremony I was complete mush. It reminded me of how far Tyler and I have come together, how long I have waited to be standing where I was, and how special it will be to be apart of another family whose lives are dedicated to the work of the Lord.

Our day was decorated by my family, especially: Aunt Jolie, Aunt Lela, Bama, Johnnie Lou (basically family), mom, and I gave a little input.

Our day was photographed by: Jud Davis and Alana Wallace. Assisted by Paula Hatton Jud’s Website

Our cake was made by Jill Larkin. Pies by Tyler’s family. @jillssweetmemories

Our day was made possible by our friends, family, and The Lord.

It has been a whole year since we met for our rehearsal dinner. Friends. Family. And friends who are basically family. We came together to celebrate the memories that led up to this point in both of our lives. We came together to give a “toast”, if you will, to our future lives together. (Toast is in quotes because it was sweet tea in coca-cola glasses). We came together for one last “hoo-rah” as unmarried “babies” with their people. Thank you to all those who were there. You had a seat at those round tables, because you have always made sure there was a seat for us at your dinner table or dorm room floor. You were there because we needed you there to tell you that we need for the always too.

To those whom we have met our first year of marriage. Welcome to our crazy story. We are so glad you have joined us so soon into our journey. You are those people we will reflect back on and say, “Remember I think we met them our first year when we were__________.” (There is a blank there because we have already moved twice, held over 7 jobs together–Tyler worked three at a time, I worked two until I got my teaching job at Corner, and have been members at two wonderful congregations of the Lord’s Church.) To those who have gone on since we have been married, you are shaping our lives still–even more now than before.

To those who have made it this far into this blog, you are a super trooper. Thanks for being a part of the celebration of our 1-year anniversary post.

Here are some fun facts about our wedding.

Here is the gorgeous ring Poppa picked out for his wife. It is now shanked with half of my grandmothers original band from my Papaw.

Stay tuned for a blog about all the things that our marriage has already out-lasted. I will add the link below. Here is a sneak peek at the list: 5 glass cups, the 18 sticks of butter our parents donated to our fridge, Addie doing the dishes each chore rotation, the hopes of Tyler gaining weight, an apartment, a budget, and our marriage has already outlasted the biggest of tears and the loudest of laughs. That is what marriages are for. To out last. Out last it all.

The best is yet to come,

Addie Williams (and Ty too)


P.S. The only time Tyler has slept on the couch was when he fell asleep there studying past my teacher approved bedtime.