Hello! I am Addie. I began my teaching career long before I even recieved my dimploma. My struggle with learning the same way my peers did began in early elementary. I always had difficulty processing information given to me verbally. Every test that I took represented hours of hard work put into studying and prepping. I realized that I just did not learn the way that most teachers were teaching. I needed extra help. In sixth grade I went to an academic summer camp where I learned strategies to better comprehend a text.  Over time I eventually have developed my own set of strategies to understand information that I hear and read.

Though I have began teaching myself from an early age, I began teaching other students officically in 2017. Prior to recieving my first teaching job offer I had tutored students with learning difficulties, substituted in a variety of classes, and had already began dreaming about my future class.

When I was in college, I met Tyler. Together we have been on an adventure of learning and developing new skills to help us better serve our favorite population of people–those with special needs. We celebrated our three year wedding anniversary in Decemebr 2019, days before Tyler graduated with his masters in Occupational Therapy.

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We have such a unique bond because of all the memories we have made with kids with differing abilities–Camp S.M.I.L.E., Dance Without Limits, Buddy Ball, Abigails Plan,  and the list goes on.

In addition to teaching and being a wife, I am also on a debt free journey with Tyler. Together we have paid off almost $30,000 of his student loan debt, and we have $70,000 to go. It isn’t an easy journey, but we plan to be debt free by December 2021.

I invite you to follow along as I share products that I create, experiences that we share, and financial tips that I discover.